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DBH-Materialien Nr.74
DBH-Materialien Nr.74

40 Jahre Führungsaufsicht

DBH-Materialien Nr.75
DBH-Materialien Nr.75

Veranstaltungen 2017

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Probation Officer Perspectives on Probation Work

Kurzbeschreibung des Artikels:
"The Probation Service has experienced massive changes during the past
10 years, including the way in which its probation officers are trained. Whether or not the espoused intention of this latter change was to introduce a ‘new breed’ of officer more versed in control than care, the three studies reported here all demonstrate the same finding, namely that individuals enter the training to work with people, and that they continue to achieve most satisfaction from this. The studies focus variously on newly qualified officers, those in training, and those applying for training. This article reviews these studies and offers a critical analysis of their key findings."
Der Artikel ist zugänglich über "SAGE Journals", die bis zum 30.04.09 wissenschaftliche Artikel kostenfrei zur Einsicht anbieten:
Probation Journal: Probation Officer Perspectives on Probation Work

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